Prime Paving Driveway Resurfacing in Milton, GA

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed a driveway resurfacing project
in Milton, GA. The only improvement this beautiful barn-style home needed
was some “TLC” on the driveway. Due to heavy truck traffic from a recent
home renovation, these home owners were left with a driveway that was
falling apart! Sections of the driveway required full remediation including
excavation and stabilization of the sub-grade. Prime Paving Contractors then
installed a layer of stone and an asphalt patch. Once the pavement was
structurally sound, we resurfaced the entire driveway for a new uniform
finish. We also added a parking pad that the owner requested for additional
parking spaces. Due to construction pre-planning and our professional crew
members, we were able to complete this entire project in one day. Give us a
call for a free estimate on your driveway!