Is Your Driveway Dragging Down Your Home’s Value?

Is Your Driveway Dragging Down Your Home’s Value?

Dilapidated driveways aren’t just unsightly and unsafe – they can also significantly drag down the value of your home. Is your driveway one of these dreaded money-suckers? Here are some signs that it might be:

1        Is it unpaved? Gravel and dirt driveways are cheap, no doubt about it. But the problem is, they look it – and that decreases the value of your home. Investing in a paved asphalt driveway will help drastically increase the value of your home, and it won’t cost you a ton of money.

2        Is it faded? Already got an asphalt driveway? Great choice. But Atlanta’s hot, sunny summers can sometimes cause asphalt driveways to oxidize. You’ll know this has happened when your driveway has turned from a brilliant black to a dingy gray. A faded driveway can weaken your home’s curb appeal – and that can significantly impact your home’s value. Luckily, the fix is easy – a seal coating from Prime Paving Contractors should do the job.

3        Is it cracking up? Asphalt driveways only require maintenance every couple of years, which is awesome. But this convenience comes at a price: it’s all too easy to forget to follow through on your upkeep. If you’ve slacked on your driveway maintenance for a few years, you’ve probably got some cracks and holes going on, and those holes you’ve been ignoring could lower the value of your home. Get an asphalt resurfacing before you put your house on the market and you’ll get more money when it’s time to sell.

If your driveway situation is less than stellar, it will definitely affect the value of your home. The good news is that this can be fixed with ease. Don’t shortchange yourself when you sell your home – fix that ugly driveway already! Call Prime Paving Contractors today and we’ll get it looking great.