Residential Paving Atlanta

Residential Paving Atlanta

We specialize in installations of new asphalt driveways as well as renovation of existing driveways, driveway repair, and maintenance of asphalt blacktop.

A typical new asphalt driveway will consist of a 4” to 6” crushed stone base, followed by a 2” lift of asphalt topping. These specifications may be increased if heavy traffic or loads are anticipated.

We start by grading the dirt (sub-grade) to the proper width and depth to accommodate the asphalt paving section. For this we will use a motor-grader and skid steer loader for digging and shaping, and to achieve proper compaction, we use a base roller specifically designed for compaction of crushed stone base.

Next we install the crushed stone base utilizing our fleet of tandem axle dump trucks, again using a motor-grader and skid steer loader, along with a base roller.

Once the stone base is installed to the proper width, depth, and properly compacted, we install the asphalt topping using a self propelled asphalt spreader. We use asphalt rollers specifically designed for compaction of asphalt top achieve proper compaction of the asphalt.

After completion, we clean our job site, load up and leave the home owner with a beautiful new asphalt driveway.

What does an asphalt drive cost? Many factors go into the price of an asphalt driveway and there is no short cut to figuring the cost. We must consider the cost of the material, the cost of the trucking as determined by the distance to the material supplier and quarry, and the amount of labor and equipment time that will be required to properly complete the job. Contact us today for a free estimate for your new driveway.

We also offer driveway repair and maintenance. See our repairs and other services section of this web site.


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