The Asphalt Price is Right: Why Asphalt is the Best Option for Your Money

If you’re trying to decide between an asphalt or concrete driveway, we’re here to settle the debate for you once and for all. When it comes to driveways, the asphalt price is right. Here’s why:

1        It’s built to last. Asphalt driveways typically last around 15 years. A meticulously maintained asphalt driveway can even last an astounding 20 years. Either way, that’s a seriously long time, especially when you consider that asphalt price is nearly half that of concrete, and it lasts just about the same amount of time.

2        It’s easily fixed. Asphalt driveways do require maintenance every couple years, but it’s easy, inexpensive maintenance. A little crack filling here and there and a seal coating every few years are easy and cheap, and they can help your driveway last a very long time. It’s simple to fix unsightly things like tire marks, and the cost of asphalt driveway paving is low. The same problem on a concrete driveway, however, is a much more complicated and expensive fix.

3        It’s winter resistant. Atlanta winters tend to be a little cooler than those in other Southern cities, and asphalt driveways are better suited to our often unpredictable temperatures. Asphalt is a more flexible material, so it can adapt to fluctuations in temperature without significant breakage.

Now that we’ve settled the asphalt vs concrete debate, don’t waste any more time. Give Prime Paving Contractors a call today, and do something about the condition of your driveway. Your neighbors and your wallet will thank you.