3 Signs Your Paving Contractors Don’t Know What They’re Doing

There are so many paving contractors to choose from that finding a truly good one can be tricky. You want a company that’s honest, fair and knowledgeable, but the Yellow Pages sorts companies alphabetically, not according to virtue. Fortunately, if you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot the the red flags. Here are three big ones.

  • The bid is low. REALLY low. If you’ve followed the advice we’ve given in past blogs, you’ve been shopping around for your asphalt paving company. But remember, while it might be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, you’re probably going to get what you pay for. Super-low bids can indicate inexperience or, even worse, a scam.
  • Their equipment is old. If the equipment used by your paving contractors looks old, chances are that their methods are out-of-date too. You want to hire a company that will do efficient and cost-effective work, and you just can’t do that with antique equipment.
  • They’ve got an unmarked truck. If your paving contractors use a truck that doesn’t sport a name or a logo, be suspicious. Any legitimate asphalt paving company will mark its vehicles, because it’s a fantastic way to advertise. Why wouldn’t a contractor want all your neighbors to know who did that great paving job? If their trucks aren’t marked, it could be that they don’t want to stand by their poor workmanship or that they’re inexperienced. It could also mean that they view paving as a way to make a little extra money on the side – or that they don’t take it seriously.

If the paving contractors you’re considering raise flags like these, keep searching. Don’t settle for an inexperienced asphalt paving company, because you’ll just end up paying more in the end. Instead, call Prime Paving Contractors. We’ve got over three decades of experience, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing.