3 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Industrial Asphalt Paving Company

Industrial lots need to be structurally sound and well-built if they’re going to stand up to heavy abuse, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right asphalt paving company for the job. If it’s time for you to repave your factory or distribution center lot, be sure to thoroughly interview your potential paving contractors. You can start with questions like these:

  • How tough is this stuff? Industrial lots endure a lot of stress. Vehicles are constantly coming and going, and not just any vehicles either – they’re often big trucks carrying heavy loads. This means that your asphalt needs to be extra strong. The recipe for a durable industrial lot is as follows: a 8” crushed stone base, 2” of asphalt binder and 2” of asphalt topping. Anything less than that just won’t hold up under the pressure.
  • Have you done this before? This question seems a bit obvious, but it’s important. Plenty of people can pave driveways and parking lots, but industrial parking lots are different – they’re much bigger, and they have to be much more durable if they’re going to withstand high traffic volume and heavy vehicles. If your asphalt paving company doesn’t have industrial experience, chances are you’ll be needing maintenance before you know it.
  • Will it be business as usual? You have a business to run, so you certainly don’t want to waste time and money on a company that takes forever to pave your lot. Remember, you can’t walk on a freshly paved lot for about a day, and it’ll be about five days before you can drive on it. Ask up front how long the job will take, and make sure the paving company will clean up the job site after work each day so that the ongoing mess doesn’t further disrupt your business.

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