Industrial Paving Atlanta

Industrial Paving Atlanta

Industrial Paving Atlanta: Truck terminals, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities.

Asphalt pavements for industrial facilities are designed to provide a meaningful life expectancy under the heaviest truck traffic. The truck courts and drives will typically consist of up to 12” crushed stone base, 4” asphalt binder, and 2” asphalt topping to withstand the heavy loads and constant traffic.

When handling a such large construction projects, you want to make sure you hire a reputable paving company that has a history of applying quality craftsmanship and doing good business. Prime Paving fits that mold, please contact us next time you have any industrial paving needs.

Some of our recent industrial paving jobs are:

Walgreens Distribution Center, Pendergrass, GA + Ryder Truck Facility, Norcross, GA


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