Widening asphalt road at Hebron Christian Academy helps kids get to school safely

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed a road widening project at Hebron Christian Academy in Dacula, GA.  The widening of the road included an addition of an exit lane from an existing parking lot on site.  The widening project included the installation of curbing to allow for proper drainage and to establish an island between the roadway and the existing parking lot.  The project required the excavation and stabilization of the sub-grade for the lane addition with the installation of GAB and a base layer of asphalt to match the surface of the current asphalt road on site.  To finish the lane addition, a topping layer of asphalt was installed over the entire area of the road widening to marry the new asphalt to the existing asphalt.  The widening of the road at Hebron Christian Academy will help alleviate some of the congestion for the drop-off and pickup of students there on campus, making drop-off safer and parents day a little easier.