Every year we get more than one call from a distressed home owner who has just been taken by a “gentleman” who claims that his paving company is working close by. They are finishing up the big job and happen to have a “load of asphalt left over”. He will make them a great deal if he can install an overlay on their asphalt driveway.
He is a fast talker and a smooth operator. The home owner has just agreed (usually in writing) to let these rip off artist put some asphalt on their driveway at what turns out to be an outrageous price.

A few guys show up and quickly deposit some asphalt on top of their asphalt driveway and the “gentleman” is at the door to collect his money. Because of his strong arm tactics, he generally gets the money and is gone, never to be heard of again.

Like clockwork, these “travelers” come through our city every year. There was an expose’ on “60 Minutes” regarding these con men that are known to law enforcement as “travelers” or “Irish travelers”. They generally offer asphalt paving or roofing work. Remember, an honest and reliable asphalt paving contractor will never knock on your door unannounced.