Why It’s Time for Your Parking Lot to Earn Its Stripes

We don’t just do asphalt here at Prime Paving Contractors – we also paint it. And while we’re not a team of Picassos, we can still get your parking lot looking like a work of art by freshening up its lines and arrows. Here are three reasons you should get your lot striped ASAP:

1        It looks more professional. We know you’re the consummate professional, but does your parking lot reflect that? A dingy parking lot without any demarcated spaces doesn’t say “professional.” Would you trust a doctor to help maintain your health if she didn’t even maintain her parking lot? Would you feel confident that a lawyer could win your case if his parking lot was a mess? Probably not.

2        It can save you from getting sued. If there’s an accident in your parking lot and you don’t have clearly marked directional arrows or spaces, you could be held liable. To avoid legal woes in the future, get your lot striped today.

3        It can increase your business’s value. If business has been going so well that you haven’t had time to think about your parking lot, we’re happy for you! But before you move out and upgrade to a bigger space, get your lot striped. A freshly painted parking lot makes a great first impression on potential buyers. It’s one less thing they’ll have to do after purchasing, and that means you can sell to them for a little more too.

If you’re still not convinced, check out what people are saying about getting their lots striped by Prime Paving Contractors. Then, if you’re in Atlanta, give us a call and we’ll get your parking lot looking great.