Time for an Asphalt Resurfacing or an Overhaul? How to Tell if Your Cracked Driveway Can Be Repaired

Trying to figure out whether your cracked driveway needs replaced or just an asphalt resurfacing can be tricky. And you don’t want to make the wrong move – simply patching a driveway that needs a total overhaul is a big waste of your time and your money. Here are four questions you’ll want to ask yourself when figuring out your next move:

  • How wide are the cracks? If the cracks in your driveway are less than a quarter of an inch wide, repairing them shouldn’t be a problem. If they’re wider than that, though, it’s time to turn to the experts at Prime Paving Contractors.
  • How long are the cracks? Long cracks that stretch the length or width of the driveway indicate that there could be some serious structural problems. In that case, your driveway is probably beyond minor repairs, and it’s time for an asphalt resurfacing.
  • How deep are the cracks? Are the cracks in your driveway light little scratches, or are they so deep you can practically see down to the core of the earth? If they’re shallow, a little asphalt patching will probably do the trick. If they’re on the deeper side, you’ll want to let the Atlanta area asphalt pros at Prime Paving Contractors work their magic.
  • How long have they been there? If the cracks in your driveway are a relatively new development, then good news: they can most likely be repaired. However, if you’ve put off dealing with them for a while, they’re only going to get worse. Think about looking into a new parking lot or driveway.

Whether you’re in dire need of a new driveway or just a quick fix, Prime Paving Contractors have got you covered. Nobody handles Atlanta area asphalt like we do, so give us a call today. Your driveway will thank you.