Paving Your Driveway: Is It Worth the Cost

There’s no doubt that paved driveways look great. But although asphalt driveways are relatively inexpensive, they’re still an investment. So is a new driveway really worth it? We at Prime Paving Contractors think so. Here’s why:

  • It adds to your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the initial visual impression that your home makes, and it’s particularly important if you’re hoping to sell your house someday. A nice-looking driveway really adds to a home’s curb appeal. As Sotheby’s real estate agent Amanda Miller has said, “The condition of the driveway sets the tone for the condition of the home.” When you invest 5% of your home’s total value into improving curb appeal, you can bump up your final sale price by as much as 15%. Over time, an Atlanta asphalt driveway pays for itself.
  • It makes you safer. Unpaved driveways aren’t just less attractive – they’re also less safe. Uneven surfaces can do big damage to both people and vehicles. Investing in a new paved driveway can save you from spending time and money at the emergency room and the auto repair shop.
  • It’s easily managed. Asphalt driveways are easy to manage once installed. In fact, maintenance is so easy that you can often do the repairs on your own. Have your paving company do a simple seal coating every few years and you’ll keep your driveway looking great for years to come.

A paved driveway is worth every penny, in our eyes. Asphalt driveways look great, they keep your family safe and they’re easy to maintain. Give the Atlanta asphalt experts at Prime Paving Contractors a call today and see what you’ve been missing!