Is Your House THAT House? 3 Signs You’re the Scourge of the Neighborhood

There’s one of those homes in every neighborhood – the rundown eyesore that just doesn’t fit in with all of those other perfectly maintained houses. Nobody wants to be the owner of that house, but it’s easy to slack on upkeep, and denial is a powerful thing. But what if yours is that house? Here are three signs you could be the scourge of the neighborhood:

1 Your yard is underwhelming. Is your grass overgrown? Hedges untrimmed? Weeds spreading rampantly? Does your back yard look as though it might be home to several escaped exotic animals? “Welcome to the Jungle” is a great song, but you don’t want it popping into peoples’ heads when they visit your home. So call your local landscapers and tame that beast of a yard.

2 Your driveway is dirty. If your driveway is dirty – as in literally made of dirt – you can bet that your neighbors dream about setting your home ablaze. Dirt driveways are seen as unsophisticated, so if yours is unpaved it’s time to call the paving company. Asphalt driveways are inexpensive and easily maintained, and they look great. Get one for yourself and you can look forward to more dinner party invitations.

3 Your pool is an ecosystem. Does your pool have a layer of green algae coating the surface? Is it still full of last fall’s leaves? Have you spotted little frogs darting around under the surface? If so, your neighbors are probably less than thrilled. But you don’t have to hire a pool boy to get them off your back. Take a trip to your local pool supply store and get to work. Your pool will be looking lovely again in no time.

Does this sound like your home? If so, stop worrying and do something about it! If it’s your driveway that’s the problem and you’re in Atlanta, call Prime Paving Contractors today. We’ll help you go from the house everyone hates to the house everyone wishes they had.

Residential Paving Atlanta

Residential Paving Atlanta