Is Your Driveway Dangerous?

Old, deteriorating driveways aren’t just unsightly – they can also be dangerous. Is your driveway getting up there in age? Have you been thinking you might need an asphalt resurfacing? If so, stop thinking and start doing. Your inaction could be putting you, your family and your vehicle at risk.

Over time, or as a result of poor workmanship, the surface of asphalt driveways can become uneven. Environmental wear and tear can cause cracks and holes that can cause people to trip and fall. Pieces of asphalt can loosen and turn into projectiles. If you’ve got kids or an elderly grandma who visits often – or if you’re just plain clumsy – an uneven, cracked, crumbling and hole-filed driveway is a hazard. So don’t put off that asphalt patching any longer, or you could end up having to patch a wound too.

Poorly maintained driveways can do some serious damage to vehicles too. If your driveway is beginning to crumble, loose asphalt can fly up and hit nearby cars, causing superficial damage like dings or chips in the paint job. Flat tires are another possibility. But loose asphalt can cause bigger problems as well. When solid objects hit windshields, the glass can fracture. And because spinning tires can launch loose material into the air, when your driveway is falling apart you risk injury to both parked vehicles and bystanders.

Asphalt driveways are great investments. But like anything, they require upkeep. If your asphalt driveway is getting old, or you’ve gone a while without giving it a little TLC, it’s time to give Prime Paving Contractors a call – before it becomes a problem.