5 Must-Know Asphalt Repair Tips

One of the great things about asphalt driveways is that they’re pretty easy to maintain on your own. How easy? Check out these 5 asphalt repair tips that we’ve compiled to help you help yourself:

1        Get rid of the grit. When patching a hole or filling a crack in your driveway, make sure it’s totally free of debris and weeds. If you don’t, the adhesive won’t stick properly, and you’ll just have to do it over again.

2        Don’t carry a torch. Both asphalt and seal coating are petroleum-based, so you’re playing with fire if you use a torch to seal cracks. We don’t want you to end up in the burn unit, so don’t do it.

3        Don’t cut corners. You can fill a crack with sealer, sure. It may even look okay at first. But sooner or later, the crack will be back. So don’t cut corners – use the appropriate filler for each type of damage. Cracks need a rubberized filler, while holes need cold-press asphalt.

4        Seal the deal. After you’ve made your asphalt repairs, top them off with a sealer. This will reduce the amount of time you have to spend on upkeep.

5        Know your limits. There are some things you can’t repair on your own, and knowing what they are will save you time, effort and money. By letting the pros handle the bigger jobs, you’ll prevent further damage to your driveway. Deep tire marks are one such thing. You should also call the Atlanta asphalt pros here at Prime Paving Contractors if the surface of your driveway is uneven, or if there’s been a catastrophic event that has caused major damage.

We at Prime Paving Contractors think these five tips will be a great help in maintaining your asphalt driveway. Not handy? No problem. Give Prime Paving Contractors a call today. We’ll be glad to handle it for you.