Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Expansion and Rehabilitation Project in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Expansion and Rehabilitation Project in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed a parking lot expansion and rehabilitation project in Alpharetta, GA. The scope of work included milling out the existing pavement, and regrading and compacting the base material as necessary. The parking lot addition required sub grade preparation, base installation and asphalt paving. In the existing parking lot we identified unsuitable soils in the sub-grade which could have led to premature failure of the new asphalt. Prime Paving remedied this problem by undercutting and hauling of five truckloads of dirt and replacing it with multiple compacted lifts of GAB. Once the parking lot passed a proof-roll, we did what we do best, we paved it!


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Asphalt Walking Trail Around a Warehouse in Braselton, Georgia

Asphalt Walking Trail Around a Warehouse in Braselton, Georgia

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed an asphalt walking trail for a warehouse in Braselton, GA. The owner requested that the trail not exceed 6 feet in width which required a specialized paving machine. The challenges with this project was minimizing our impact on the existing landscaping and tenant parking during business hours. Our team made sure the site remained clean and safe for the business employees at all times. On each end of the trail, Prime Paving poured concrete transition ramps to match the existing site conditions. Asphalt walking trails have a unique advantage over concrete as it provides a softer walking/running surface, call us today for a free estimate!



Prime Paving Driveway Resurfacing in Milton, GA

Prime Paving Driveway Resurfacing in Milton, GA

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed a driveway resurfacing project
in Milton, GA. The only improvement this beautiful barn-style home needed
was some “TLC” on the driveway. Due to heavy truck traffic from a recent
home renovation, these home owners were left with a driveway that was
falling apart! Sections of the driveway required full remediation including
excavation and stabilization of the sub-grade. Prime Paving Contractors then
installed a layer of stone and an asphalt patch. Once the pavement was
structurally sound, we resurfaced the entire driveway for a new uniform
finish. We also added a parking pad that the owner requested for additional
parking spaces. Due to construction pre-planning and our professional crew
members, we were able to complete this entire project in one day. Give us a
call for a free estimate on your driveway!






Asphalt Resurfacing in Norcross, Georgia

Asphalt Paving – Prime Paving Contractors Resurfacing Project in The City of Norcross, Georgia

Prime Paving Contractors, Inc. recently completed a small asphalt resurfacing project for the City of Norcross. The scope of work included overlaying 880 square yards of existing roadway leading into a residential community. Prior to paving we milled along the project perimeter for a smooth pavement transition on each end. Due to paving alongside a busy county road, Prime Paving Contractors set up a temporary traffic control zone in order to safely manage traffic flow through the work area. The project specifications included 1 inch of Perma Flex™ and 1.25 inches of 12.5mm asphalt topping, all the work had to be completed in one day. This is another project that exemplifies our company’s professional ability to safely execute work in a dynamic work environment. Call us today for all your paving needs in Georgia and The Metro Atlanta Area!






Mill and Overlay Asphalt Paving for a Local Business in Alpharetta, Georgia

Mill and Overlay Asphalt Paving for a Local Business in Alpharetta, Georgia

Prime Paving Contractors recently finished a mill and overlay paving job for a local business in Alpharetta, GA. The project included milling and repaving the business entrance consisting of 2,400 square yards. Through effective communication and planning with the owner, we were able to reroute vehicle traffic through a second entrance and construct a temporary pedestrian pathway for the employees to safely enter the building. This allowed us to perform the work during regular business hours while minimizing our presence.  As scheduled, the project was successfully completed in two days and most importantly, another happy customer!









Parking Lot Expansion for Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Parking Lot Expansion for Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Prime Paving Contractors recently completed new a parking lot expansion for Emory Johns Creek Hospital. The new parking lot is approximately 1,500 square yards and had to be completed before the end of November. As a sub-contractor, Prime Paving was responsible for the grading and installation of the graded aggregate base (GAB), asphalt paving and striping. The project was completed in three days, one day for GAB installation, and two days of asphalt paving and striping. Some of the challenges Prime Paving had to meet on this project were work-time restrictions in order to not disturb sleeping hospital patients, and colder paving temperatures as winter began to set in. Both these obstacles were met with great execution due to precise planning and our paving crew’s commitment to excellence. Call us today for a free estimate on your next paving project!






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We’re Safely Paving Parking Lots in Lilburn, GA!

We’re Safely Paving Parking Lots in Lilburn, GA!

Prime Paving Contractors safely completed a 2 inch permaflex-overlay, on a 7,480 SY parking lot. The work was performed for an office complex in Lilburn, GA. We paved the job in three separate phases to accommodate the businesses and their employees, while minimizing our presence. The total asphalt tonnage was approximately 820 tons, which was installed in four days. Other project highlights included removing and replacing 146 LF of 24 inch curb and gutter, a new handicap ramp and handicap signs throughout the complex. This is another successful job that we completed safely, on schedule and within budget.

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Is Your Driveway Dragging Down Your Home’s Value?

Dilapidated driveways aren’t just unsightly and unsafe – they can also significantly drag down the value of your home. Is your driveway one of these dreaded money-suckers? Here are some signs that it might be:

1        Is it unpaved? Gravel and dirt driveways are cheap, no doubt about it. But the problem is, they look it – and that decreases the value of your home. Investing in a paved asphalt driveway will help drastically increase the value of your home, and it won’t cost you a ton of money.

2        Is it faded?  Already got an asphalt driveway? Great choice. But Atlanta’s hot, sunny summers can sometimes cause asphalt driveways to oxidize. You’ll know this has happened when your driveway has turned from a brilliant black to a dingy gray. A faded driveway can weaken your home’s curb appeal – and that can significantly impact your home’s value. Luckily, the fix is easy – a seal coating from Prime Paving Contractors should do the job.

3        Is it cracking up? Asphalt driveways only require maintenance every couple of years, which is awesome. But this convenience comes at a price: it’s all too easy to forget to follow through on your upkeep. If you’ve slacked on your driveway maintenance for a few years, you’ve probably got some cracks and holes going on, and those holes you’ve been ignoring could lower the value of your home. Get an asphalt resurfacing before you put your house on the market and you’ll get more money when it’s time to sell.

If your driveway situation is less than stellar, it will definitely affect the value of your home. The good news is that this can be fixed with ease. Don’t shortchange yourself when you sell your home – fix that ugly driveway already! Call Prime Paving Contractors today and we’ll get it looking great.

3 Ways to Significantly Increase the Value of Your Home

What do driveways, dirt, and details all have in common? Well, yes, they all obviously start with the letter “D” but they can also all help you significantly increase the value of your home. Here’s how:

  • Upgrade your driveway. A driveway helps draw the eye to your home. Driveways are the first things potential buyers see when looking at properties, and first impressions have a huge impact on the value of a home. If yours has gotten run down over the years, or if you’ve got a gravel driveway, give the paving company a call. Invest in a nicely paved asphalt driveway and you’ll end up lining your pockets with some extra cash when you’re ready to sell your house.
  • Focus on the details. Many homeowners make the mistake of wasting lots of money on pricey improvements like a new kitchen while forgetting all about the smaller things. But it’s those little things that make the real difference. Replacing worn out carpet, cleaning grout, or touching up the paint job will actually have a stronger impact on your home’s value than a ridiculously expensive new kitchen will.
  • Get dirty. Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees obviously didn’t know about the monetary impact that plants can have on your house. Mature trees can add up to $1,000 (per tree!) to your property’s value. So put your gloves on and start digging – you’ll be glad you did.

Focus on the three D’s of your home and when it comes time to sell, your little investments are sure to pay off. Have any other tips? Let us know in the comment section. And, of course, it you’re looking for some Atlanta asphalt experts to help fix that driveway and boost your home’s value, give Prime Paving Contractors a call.